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California Guard Card

Launch Your Security career today!

Dive into the fundamentals of security with our provincially approved Basic Security Guard Course. Learn essential techniques, protocols, and legal frameworks to become a trusted guardian of safety and security in your community.

California Drone Academy

Launch Your Drone career today!

Take your skills to new heights with our specialized SPADE Aceadedmy Certification program. From aerial data collection to industry-specific applications in agriculture, construction, mining, oil & gas, and more, our expert-led courses empower you to harness the full potential of drone technology for enhanced efficiency and safety.

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Why Choose Guard & Drone Academy?

  • Industry Expertise: Benefit from the guidance of seasoned security professionals and drone experts with years of hands-on experience in their respective fields.

  • Proven Track Record: Join a community of trained professionals who have trusted Guard & Drone Academy for their training needs.

  • We Train You and We Can Hire You: At SPADE Security Services, we’re not just an academy; we’re a security firm that believes in nurturing the best talent. Therefore, rest assured that if you meet our requirements, we may have employment opportunities awaiting you.
  • Career Opportunities: At SPADE Security Services, your training is not just about acquiring skills; it’s about unlocking a world of career possibilities.



Veteran Owned

Where else would you want to learn security than from US Veterans?

Pranil Shnkar – President


For inquiries about our security services, please contact us via phone, email, or visit our office during business hours. Your safety and security are our priority, and we look forward to serving you with professionalism and expertise.


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